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If you still depend on some Internet Explorer-only websites, you can use IE Tab for Google Chrome Internet Explorer users and IE-only websites still exist, so even Chrome fans have to use IE occasionally.Why bother launching Internet Explorer when you can run it in a browser tab? The latest versions of Mozilla Firefox continue to run on Windows XP, too.Maxthon is a similar browser that incorporates the Internet Explorer and Web Kit (used in Chrome and Safari) browser engines with its own interface. We’ve recently taken an in-depth look at the new Maxthon Cloud Browser Maxthon has come a very long way since originally dubbing themselves as a mere replacement to Internet Explorer. Until now I’ve put Safari firmly in the same box of horrible things as Internet Explorer - a sluggish, default browser that’s only purpose in life is to download other shinier and faster browsers.

If you want to use some websites in Internet Explorer mode, and some in Firefox or Chrome modes, Avant browser may be worth a try.if you settle on Opera, you’ll want to launch Internet Explorer 8 whenever you need to use an IE-only website.If you absolutely must continue to use Internet Explorer 8, but still need access to Google Apps or other modern websites, you may want to install the Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer.As with Google Chrome, you’ll get a modern web browser that will continue to receive updates.Firefox on Windows XP still uses the classic File/Edit/View menu bar instead of the single Firefox menu button you’ll find on newer versions of Windows.

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