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All transportation provided was comfortable and spacious. Chris is the type of person that is excited about travel and you have to be to be a tour leader.

US) per adult per cruise (charged directly to your account upon embarkation), optional tours and gratuities.

All of the local guides were knowledgeable and willing to answer questions we had. We look forward to traveling with him in the future.

They were interested in sharing their countries with us and getting to know a little about us as well. A We have nothing but praise for this trip - enjoyed every minute and all the sights, places visited etc.

Should you prefer to pay in GBP, please contact our office by phone 00-800-665-03998 (5pm - 1am). We had the local guides too, but Jonathan really earned his keep. I was really pleased with Adventures Abroad and we all recognized the the 5 Stans were not some place we would have ventured on our own.

The above prices are subject to an additional for taxes/fees levied on flights that occur as part of the tour. He is so knowledgeable, pleasant, funny and ever so sweet. 'Twas all pretty spectacular, for me the three biggies in Uzbekistan were the best: Khiva, Samarkand and Bokhara. The local guides were simply superb, full of knowledge and willing to answer all sorts of questions. I loved Khiva, Samarkand, astabad, and just seeing the countryside. This is not an easy part of the world to cross borders in, get food ordered and in good time, get flights arranged--just lots of details. Chris has an absolutely wonderful sense of humor, is extremely patient and kind and knowledgeable. The service made my seeing this part of the world a great experience and one that I will remember.

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