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keywords arstr [INPUT] structure of structures containing effective area information (see ARIA or GRATFLX) * if given in the right format, overrides call to LINEFLX with call to GRATFLX flx [I/O] contains the calculated flux due to each line * may be given on input and if WFLX is also set, FLSTR and ARSTR are ignored wflx [INPUT] if size matches that of FLX, assumed to be the wavelengths of the lines.

STATUS and the byte array of above case is taken from that * if string, assumed to be the full path to a filename that contains an events list, and it is read in and the STATUS column is extracted from it filter [INPUT; optional] the filter to be used, in the same format as CIAO.VII) function cat_id returns a concatenated structure of Line IDs syntax C=cat_id(A, B,pick=pick,ask=ask,/okev,comm=comm,flst=flst,dbdir=dbdir,$ fluxes=fluxes,fluxerr=fluxerr) parameters A [INPUT; required] output of LINEID B [INPUT] output of LINEID to be merged with A * if any wavelengths are common, the IDs in A take precedence (but see keyword ASK) * if not given, then the program *prints* a summary of the IDs to the screen keywords pick [INPUT; default: all] position indices of elements in A to be selected (or not).* if scalar, returns all elements EXCEPT the specified one * has no effect on B * use these two to delete entries, for e.g.* this is set by default * only has an effect if ALGO=QUAD output F [INPUT] root of filename in which to place output (default = 'none') * output will be placed in the file, * unless OUTPUTF='none', in which case nothing is written out, unless one of OUTPUT are set, in which case the corresponding output is put in file BEHR_output R [INPUT] if set, writes output for R in OUTPUTF_output C [INPUT] if set, writes output for C in OUTPUTF_output HR[INPUT] if set, writes output for HR in OUTPUTF_output MC[INPUT] if set, writes Monte Carlo draws for lam S and lam H to OUTPUTF_when algo=gibbs output Pr[INPUT] if set, writes the probability distributions for R, HR, C, lam S, and lam H to OUTPUTF_when algo=quad BEHRdir [INPUT] full path to directory where BEHR executable resides (default = '/fubar/kashyap/Astro Stat/BEHR') verbose [INPUT] controls chatter requirements BEHR executable must be installed in BEHRDIR BEHR should be executable under the shell via SPAWN BEHR output assumed to be compatible with version side-effects potentially creates numerous ascii files in $cwd history vinay kashyap (Sep MMV) bugfix: output file format was overflowing; force NBURNIN function bin Ersp returns position indices of input energ(y/ies) appropriately binned into the specified binning scheme returns -1 where E is outside the bin range syntax i E=binersp(nrg,binmn,maxbin,bstr=bstr,nbin=nbin) parameters nrg [INPUT; required] photon energies for which to find the binning numbers binmn [INPUT] array of bin minimum values * overrides all keywords * if not given, see description below on how it is derived from BSTR. keywords bstr [INPUT] structure containing the following pieces of information, as obtained from an OGIP-compliant response matrix (see RDRESP. PRO): nbin [INPUT; default=101] number of equally spaced bins into which to split the input array of photon energies * if -ve, binning will be logarithmic!_extra [JUNK] here only to prevent crashing the program description if BINMN is not given, then BINMN=BSTR.

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