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The maps were the result of close liaison between the Ministry of Transport and Ordnance Survey, and are the most important cartographic resource documenting the early days of road numbering in Scotland.Kitchener's Survey of Cyprus (1882) represents the first full triangulated survey of the island of Cyprus, and it was the most accurate map of the island when published.These include some of the Duke of Buccleuch’s extensive map collections at Drumlanrig, with important holdings too from Dumfries and Kirkcudbright Museums.

Class I roads in red show important routes connecting large population centres, whilst less important Class II roads are shown in green.

As well as naming all streets, the Post Office Directory maps show good detail of all the built-up areas, clearly highlighting public buildings, churches and chapels, schools, railways, tramways, docks, harbours, public gardens and parks, and many other urban features.

Sometimes too, the Post Office Directory maps show boundaries of parishes, municipal wards, and parliamentary divisions.

From the later 19th century, the Post Office Directories were issued every year for several larger towns, and so the Post Office maps can provide a far more regular chronology of urban change compared to Ordnance Survey maps.

The Post Office Directory maps allow the locations of people, industrial premises, and addresses that are listed in the Scottish Post Office Directories to be viewed geographically.

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