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He also becomes friends with Lewis in order for help about his knowledge on mermaids, like in one episode when he bought a bottle of magic perfume, where he and Lewis discover its effect on mermaids.

At first he and a new boy Ash, got into a big argument, causing Rikki and Emma to become angry with each other, but later on, he and Ash were able to discuss the situation and forgave each other.

Miriam can't seem to handle that news and becomes the main threat to Rikki and Zane's relationship.

When his obsession finally lands him the discovery of the mermaids, he is shocked to find it to be Rikki, Emma and Cleo.

Season 2 Zane reappeared again in the second season.

Zane never knew the mermaids he was after were right under his nose...At the end of the episode, Rikki puts Zane's motorcycle up for auction to save their finances.Zane is also present when Cleo's father, Don, marries a woman named Sam, and bids Lewis farewell when he leaves to study science in America.Season 1 Zane developed a crush on Rikki by the end of Series 1.They eventually started dating, but broke up at the end of the series.

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