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There was the Women's March on Washington in January, along with sister demonstrations around the globe.

And heading into the year was Democrat Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and references linking her to white-clad suffragettes, along with her loss to President Donald Trump, who once boasted about grabbing women.

So feminism must compel society to treat patriarchy as so self-evident as to require no justification.

That is why dictionaries define sexism in sexist terms, and why feminist writers lobotomise the reporting of sexism.

By highlighting sexism, we alleviate discrimination. Alleviating discrimination for only one sex would be — by definition — sexist. So let’s have a look at how a number of popular dictionaries define and illustrate sexism.sexism noun sex·ism \ˈsek-ˌsi-zəm\ : (1) prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women (2) behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex Four major dictionaries employ a definition of sexism which, by their own definition, is sexist.

We do see evidence that the word was used in the 19th century in a medical sense, for the physical characteristics of a developing teenager, before it was used as a political term, if you will." Webster added the word in revisions to his "An American Dictionary of the English Language." They were his last. We don't have a lot of evidence of what he was looking at," Sokolowski said.

The previous tactic of releasing women and girls and shooting, burning alive, and cutting the throats of male infants and school boys (described as ‘children’ in news reports), and men simply failed to attract enough attention.

But sexism’s failure of empathy for fellow human beings which, in an individual, would be treated as a psychopathic mental illness, demands further explanation.

"It was a very new word at that time," Sokolowski said.

"His definition is not the definition that you and I would understand today.

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Socialism, fascism, racism, communism, capitalism and terrorism rounded out the bunch. Related: Women of the Senate Share Their #Me Too Stories of Harassment "The word feminism was being use in a kind of general way," Sokolowski said by phone from the company's headquarters in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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