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Thanks so much in advance, I'm worried this might never go away.Has anyone who has these fish-mouth meatus lips/meaty lips that get thicker after ejulation/masturbation and who did all STD-test with nothing being found, already found some kind of cure?None of my symptoms resemble anything like the pictures of herpes or genital warts I have seen online and both the determatologist and urologist I have seen agree and dismissed the possibility of either.I was tested in February for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, and all of the tests came out negative.

Seems to work better than the previous cream, the sensation disappeared almost instantly.

Part of me thinks that maybe it is an infection due to bacteria from the girls anus.

Another part of me thinks maybe it's purely physical trauma. So, if you've taken the time to read all the way to the end, thank you.

I didnt want to take LEF orally again, if that is possible [concern of any possible side effects taking LEF too long] ..thats why I opted now for the topical DIY LEF Previously I used the DIY cream for about once a week, that was w/o LEF added to it [the cream contained diclofenac, itraconazole and Abx.. There is a version 2 of the DIY cream ie using green tea powder, but thats just another diff option if required It seems things have gone back to the "quiet period" In any case, I think I made a right choice. as urologist didnt know what to do during my chronic stage.

I suspect if you take a lot of protein, your IGF1 [read about it] will spike, and it has been speculated a lot by many ppl that IGF1 is bad news for cancer patient especially, it actually stimulate bad cells to grow faster Could be that was the reason for my symptom flare up very recently You can aso PM me if you hv any Qs =] I shall update if required from time to time..

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It looked as if there were two pursed lips instead of a straight slit like before. In February, about two months later from my encounter with the sex worker and a few weeks after I stopped having regular sex in January, some real irritation started.

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