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What about the rights of those women when forced to share formerly private space with men who were formerly women. I am just older and wise enough to have seen it all before - the way those who feel oppressed shout loudly and reforms occur which swing too far in one direction; and that it takes decades for this aberrant swing to drift back to somewhere that makes more sense.Whose rights should prevail is hardly a throwaway matter. I confess to being utterly confused - and to being older. It is just the way of things - when blacks were oppressed, people fought for their rights, and we finished up in the mad situation where, as a young social worker, I was not allowed to use the words blackboard or black coffee - things are more sensible/balanced now, and quite rightly.I would feel really uncomfortable in the those circumstances.And I don't think we should be expected to put up with that.

What an interesting post and link, well beyond the everyday world of thought most of us inhabit!

I don't think anyone has dismissed this as a 'phase' but maybe many of us were "tomboys" in childhood and later are happily female.

At what age do we start getting serious about encouraging children to think they might want to change gender.

This does feel like there is an agenda being pushed by some.

How hard the world is now for our children and grandchildren.

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